The Number of Old Gamers Has Grown Tremendously Over The Past Three Years. 
"More older adult are playing games"
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The number of older gamers has grown by 32% since 2018 according to a new report by GWI. This is partly thanks to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic but not solely boosted by the “stay at home” nature of the modern world.

In addition to older adults becoming gamers, NPD also reports that the number of mobile gamers over the age of 45 rose by 17% in 2020 alone. The numbers definitely show a spike in the hobby over the past three years as the world turns to indoor activities to keep us busy.


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Global Web Index reports that while gamers are often portrayed in the media in a certain way, it is actually far from the case. According to the stats, 86% of all internet users play games in some way or shape with 24% of grandparents and parents playing games together during family time. These stats were taken from 19.5000 individuals from across different regions.

But gaming is just one factor playing a major role in today’s media consumption. GWI reports that streaming is still growing on a month by month basis with the United States watching more streaming TV than ever before. It is also seen as a gateway into the world of video games. Internet leads to streaming which often leads to gaming. This trend is apparent across households throughout the world.

Source: GWI / Games Industry






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