NVIDIA RTX 3080 Doesn’t Have Enough VRAM to Run Godfall at 4K Ultra
"Godfall uses 12GB of VRAM on 4K Ultra."

Yesterday we reported on the official Godfall PC system requirements which were not too demanding. However, those specs did not reveal which settings the game was running on. It seems that if players want the best experience in Godfall on PC at 4K Ultra, they may have some issues due to hardware limitations mainly due to the high VRAM requirement of the game. In short, NVIDIA RTX 3080 owners won’t be able to run the game at its best.


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Counterplay Games CEO Kieth Lee showcased the highest possible settings Godfall can reach on PC. This includes using DirectX Raytraced Shadows, FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, Variable Refresh Rate and more. Kieth claims that Godfall uses 4Kx4K textures and 12GB of VRAM on PC to run the game at 4K Ultra settings.

Now, 12GB of VRAM is quite demanding for the current age of gaming. This means unless you have a new AMD RX 6800 or RX 6900 with 16GB of RAM or an RTX 3090 with the crazy 24GB, running Godfall on PC at 4K Ultra is not going to happen. Of course, you can counter this by tweaking the settings here and there and reducing the texture quality but you will always know the game is not running at its best on that very expensive PC build.

There is some cause for concern though. If Godfall is the first glimpse at the demand of next-gen gaming then NVIDIA’s fancy RTX 30 series GPUs are not going to age very well. It simply means the GPUs won’t have enough VRAM to run these sort of games at max resolutions. However, Godfall could be a rare exception to this. There’s a lot going on here outside of just the resolution. All the extra tweaks are very demanding. It sure does look brilliant running on the highest possible settings that is for sure. You can witness it in all its glory down below running on an AMD RX 6000.

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