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The NVIDIA RTX 4090 is Bigger Than The Xbox Series X

NVIDIA’s new RTX 40 Series GPUs are quite the powerhouse when it comes to performance but this hardware isn’t just magically powerful. In fact, the cards are the biggest GPUs you can get your hands on and the sheer size and weight make them able to perform the way they do. NVIDIA already says that the top-tier RTX 4090 can run games at native 8K at over 60FPS and while we’re still waiting for reviews to drop to prove that, users who have these new cards are showing that this power comes at a cost – its size.

Images have been shared online comparing the NVIDIA RTX 4090 to other gaming equipment. Most notably, the in-house NVIDIA RTX 4090 is actually larger than the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. This specific model is the version you can buy from NVIDIA. However, if you thought that was big, Gigabyte has topped that with its own in-house version that is even bigger than NVIDIA’s version.

Dubbed the “Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 4090”, this chonk of a card comes in at 359 x 163 x 75mm. To put that into perspective, the PS5 is 388 x 80 x 260mm meaning this Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 4090 is just slightly smaller than the PS5 when the console is standing upright.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Gigabyte Torus Master 4090

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Compared to XSX

Given the sheer size and scale of these new NVIDIA RTX 4090 cards, you’ll need to make sure your PC case can fit them. Users claim that standard cases are proving to be a difficult fit for these new GPUs, especially the Aorus Master version. Some users say that they had to remove components in their PC in order to fit the card into their case. Other say that the case doesn’t close now due to the sheer size and width of the unit.

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 isn’t really your mainstream card so I doubt everyone is going to run out and purchase it later this month. However, if you’re one of the few people who can afford it (and find it), make sure you have a case that is future-proof enough to fit this monster inside of it.

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