The Original Dying Light Gets PS5 Enhancements

"Coming to Xbox Series X/S at a later date"

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The Original Dying Light Gets PS5 Enhancements

Techland has released a new update for the original Dying Light that upgrades the game with some PS5 enhancements. The patch, which will release at another date on Xbox Series X/S, brings some much-needed visual changes to the zombie game.

Players on PS5 can select from a range of graphics modes including 60FPS in full HD and 30FPS in 4K. The update also increases the draw distance on PS5 consoles by 25% so players can now see further into the distance and the quality of distant objects are now clearer.

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Techland has also updated the PS4 Pro version of the game with an improved 30FPS cap while also tweaking online functionality to be more stable.

The graphics modes in Dying Light on PS5 now include the following options:

  • Performance Mode: 60FPS in FHD
  • Balanced Mode: 60FPS in Quad HD
  • High-Resolution Mode: 30FPS in 4K

Techland says the Xbox Series X/S version of the game will also get the same graphics settings. However, this update is still in the works and will release at a later date.

Dying Light was released back in 2015 and has been in dire need of a graphics update for a long time now. The game was originally developed for PS3 and PS4 but Techland cancelled the PS3 version shortly after releasing the PS4 and Xbox One versions. It doesn’t look too bad but the game sadly hasn’t aged very well.

Hopefully, this update will bring some polish to the visuals. If anything, the original game outclasses the trainwreck of a sequel that was released last month. We absolutely hated Dying Light 2 and you can read our full review of the game here.

You can watch a performance test of Dying Light running on the PS5 below.

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