The PlayStation 5 is For “Hard-Core Gamers”
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The first official details of the PlayStation 5 was revealed in April this year, including the fact that it will have a custom SSD, a high-spec Navi GPU and an eight-core Zen 2 chip. Basically, it is going to be a beast of a console that even supports ray tracing, so who exactly is it for?

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Personally, I would guess anyone, as eventually, everyone who loves gaming on their PS4 will upgrade to the PS5. According to a report by Wallstreet Journal, however, the PlayStation 5 is for the “hard-core gamers” who obsess about the latest features (aka ray tracing) and who prefers “graphics-heavy” games.

This report references what Sony’s Chief Executive, Kenichiro Yoshida, apparently said. However, gamers might take the term “hard-core” the wrong way, as this isn’t suddenly some hardcore versus casual debate. Instead, what Sony reportedly meant is that they will be focusing on those big, exclusive titles.

It means that Sony will focus more on high-end titles and the company will focus on developing, even more, big-budget first-party exclusives. Indie games will still have a place, but Sony’s main focus will be on this big games. Kenichiro Yoshida reportedly said that:

Games have become more important than ever.

Honeslty, that’s all I really wanted to hear. The report further indicates that Sony doesn’t really see Nintendo as a threat as Nintendo seems to draw in a younger audience, while the Xbox Scarlett is their biggest competitor, which shouldn’t be shocking to hear for anyone by now.

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For now, we don’t have an exact release date for the PlayStation 5 but it is expected to release sometime towards the end of next year.

What do you think about Sony’s reported focus on “hard-core gamers” and will you be throwing your money at a PlayStation 5 at launch? Let us know in the comment section below.






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