The PS5 Reveal Event is Less Than Four Weeks Away
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Sony will be revealing the PS5 in February. This was the plan from the start and it has been rumoured to be the official reveal month for a while now. David Jaffe, best known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal confirmed the PS5 reveal saying that Sony’s event is “less than four weeks away”.

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Jaffee went off on Twitter about the PS5 reveal clearing the air about “the worst kept secret in games” and confirmed that Sony will be hosting the event next month just like they did for the PS4 when it was announced.

Sony will apparently start sending out invites to the event soon but we don’t know where and when it will take place. The PS4 reveal was hosted at the PlayStation Theatre in New York in February of 2013. At the moment, Sony is actually hosting a PlayStation Experience event in New York that is said to end in the middle of February. This could mark the official reveal for the PS5.

Whatever Sony has planned, they have everyone at the edge of their seats. The company announced they will not be attending E3 2020 so they need to put on a good show elsewhere in order to make a splash. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X reveal took place unexpectedly during The Game Awards 2019 and caught everyone by surprise.






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