The PS5 Console Memes Are Here to Make Your Day

PS5 PlayStation 5 Games Sony
The PS5 Console Memes Are Here to Make Your Day

Sony announced, along with over 25 games, the PS5 console last night. It is the first time we got a glimpse at the actual design and style of the next-gen lineup and people did not waste time poking fun at it. Just as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was called the “fridge” and the DualSense controller was mocked in many ways, the PlayStation 5 console has received the same treatment. Sigh…. gotta love the internet.

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As soon as the reveal ended, users took to Twitter and Reddit to share their memes about the black and white, Wi-Fi modem-looking PlayStation 5 console. People say it looks like a Destiny 2 character, Kiaba’s popped collar, a building and even an air conditioner fan.

Check out all the PS5 console memes down below;

PS5 PlayStation 5 Games Sony

Have any PS5 console memes? Share them down below.

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