The PS5 Could Use a Samsung NVMe SSD

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The PS5 Could Use a Samsung NVMe SSD

We all know that there will be an SSD in both the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlet to help games and the operating system load much faster, among other things. Everyone and their cat can probably assume that the PS5 will boast a massive jump in performance over the PS4 and a recent rumour even suggests the CPU will be clocked at 2Ghz. Now, new information suggests that Sony will use a Samsung NVMe SSD in the next-gen console.

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This information comes from Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad. Samsung recently held a presentation in Tokyo in which they revealed they are working on an NVMe SSD (Non-Volatile Memory Express) for an upcoming game console set to release next year.

Samsung didn’t specifically name the PS5 as the console, but an image from some feature slides tells the whole story, as a DualShock controller is clearly visible.

We will likely need to wait until 12 February during the PlayStation meeting, as the PS5 is rumoured to be shown off then. However, it does make sense that the next-gen console from Sony would use something like a next-gen NVMe SSD for the PS5 and that DualShock controller in the image from Samsung is pretty telling. Even so, don’t forget to take this information with a grain of salt until such time as Sony officially reveals the detailed specifications for the console.

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Do you think the PS5 will use a new NVMe SSD from Samsung? Let us know in the comment section below.

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