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The PS5 Custom AMD SoC Exposed in Up-Close Photos

Inside every PS5 there is a chip that makes the console work. This custom AMD SoC is one of the most expensive little blocks in the console and not only provides the rendering power needed for the games but also is the root cause of the mass stock shortages around the world. If you have ever wondered what this little block looked like then photographer Fritzchens Fritz managed to take some super up-close photos of the technology to see how Sony and AMD built the chipset.

The PS5 SoC (also codenamed Oberon) is based on the AMD 8-core/16-thread Zen 2 architecture. It has a performance of 3.5GHz and an RDNA 2 GPU with 36 compute units. This RDNA 2 GPU clocks in at up to 2.23GHz. All of this results in 10.3 teraflops of performance and enables the PS5 to playback games the way it does.


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Keep in mind that there is a lot more going on inside the PS5 than just this SoC, the console features other custom controllers and modules that power the SSD. The photos that Fritzchens Fritz took are solely based on the CPU/GPU combination that makes up the SoC. The photos range from some extremely up-close ones to microscopic images. One of them gets so close to the SoC that you can see the AMD branding which would be invisible to the human eye due to how tiny the logo is.


The die shots also showcase the billions of transistors the PS5 SoC include across the entire chip. The GPU core sits in the middle of the block and the Zen 2 cores are aligned next to them. There’s also a dedicated I/O and the GDDR6X module. According to reports, the PS5 SoC shows a clear indication of AMD Infinity Fabric implementation. This connects the entire chip together with the L2 cache. The memory controller is also situated on the edge of the chip and controls how data enters and exits the SoC.


Check out the full gallery of the PS5 SoC by Fritzchens Fritz here.

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