A popular hacker group known as Fail0verflow have managed to hack the PS5 and decrypt its official system software. This is a groundbreaking move in the console hacking community as now that the PS5 system software is vulnerable, Fail0verflow can attempt to create custom content for the console which may result in homebrew apps and games releasing on the platform.

We are still quite a while away from seeing this happen, but the first steps towards a hacked PS5 have now taken place and have been successful.

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According to Fail0verflow, the hacker group managed to get hold of the most important aspect of the PS5, its root decryption keys. Fail0verflow claims that the keys were obtainable through a software exploit on the console. While details are scarce at this time, most likely to avoid Sony from patching the exploit, this marks a pretty big hack against the console.

Decryption keys are highly secure files tucked away inside the PS5 system firmware. Once obtained, it allows hackers to modify and tweak the console software and find new ways to customize the operating system. In short, it now means that Fail0verflow has full access to the PS5 and can install custom apps, adjust specific hardware settings and much more.

If anything, the PS5 decryption keys allow users to reverse engineer the system software and as a result, make it open to new exploits and even custom apps. Of course, Fail0verflow might decide to stay away from all of this and never release details on how they exploited the system. The hacker group did the same thing to the PS4 a while back and never released any information on how they obtained the console’s decryption keys.

Fail0verflow has also stated in the past that modded, or jailbroken consoles aren’t worth it anymore. Users can achieve the same thing across PCs these days which makes hacking the hardware pointless. Of course, the only real draw to a modded console is the piracy aspect but even that is a challenge.

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