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The PS5 is a Huge Device – Here’s How it Compares to Other Consoles in Size

While Sony may have let the cat out of the bag last week in regards to the PS5 console, the company did not reveal any specifics when it comes to the hardware size and scale. Furthermore, they did not even show off the back of the device. Luckily, fans have quizzed up the hardware and by using the disc drive and USB ports, they were able to determine that the console measures around 35.56 centimetres. Now how does the PlayStation 5 compare in size to other hardware on the market?

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Reddit user GREB07 put together a rough guide on how big Sony’s next-gen console is. In short, the device is bigger than all past consoles released by Microsoft and Sony in recent years. Yes, this means it’s bigger than the phat original PS3, PS4 Pro, the first Xbox One and even the OG Xbox 360.

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In comparison to its closest competitor, the Xbox Series X, it is also much bigger. Of course, you cannot compare its width to the Xbox Series X given how much taller the PS5 size is. Obviously Sony went for a longer console while Microsoft went for a rectangle device but with more internals stacked on top of each other. The PlayStation 5 is also half as thin as the XSX at its thinnest point.

It will be interesting to see how both the next-gen devices have been built internally. We know Sony plans on launching a disk-free PS5 model which will also be a lot thinner and lighter. However, a teardown will no doubt reveal how the two companies designed the console to make the best use of the space inside of it. By the look of things, both consoles seem to also have internal power supplies which often take up more space than anything else.

It will be a while before we get to see the inners of the PS5 console. Catch up on our PS5 coverage down below;

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