The PS5 Now Alerts You When a Wishlist Game is on Sale

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The PS5 Now Alerts You When a Wishlist Game is on Sale

It might not sound like an industry-changing feature but Sony has rolled out a new PS5 wishlist push notification that alerts you as to when a game you have on your list goes on sale. Up to now, users were able to add games to their wishlist and find all these titles in one handy tab. However, you would have to manually check in on them to see if they were part of a new sale or not.

Now, when the wishlist game gets marked down for any reason, the PS5 will alert you. In addition, those of you who make use of the official PlayStation mobile app will also get the alert. This is thanks to your wishlist items syncing across your console and app.

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Unfortunately, this feature is not available on PS4. You can still use the app to add games to your wishlist and get the notifications there but the PS4 console won’t alert you to any ongoing sales.

Sony says that the PS5 wishlist feature will see the console issue a notification for your games whenever possible. This alert will trigger as soon as the game gets discounted. If you have one game that is on sale, it will tell you that game’s name. Else, it will provide you with a message that reads “several items are now on sale”.

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