The Quarry Guide How to Kill Everyone Worst Ending
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The Quarry Guide – How to Kill Everyone for the Worst Ending

Supermassive Games’ interactive horror experiences are nail-biting when you’re trying to keep everyone alive, but surprisingly fun if you’re trying to kill everyone too. The Quarry is no different. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill every character and unlock the game’s worst ending possible.

Before we start, all deaths in The Quarry primarily take place after chapter 4. All you really need to do is ensure you make the most nonsensical and irresponsible choices in the first few chapters, creating as much animosity between relationships. In a few ways, it does help if everyone hates each other when the bad stuff starts happening. Additionally, there will be major spoilers for The Quarry below.

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How to Kill Everyone in The Quarry

Jacob: Jacob can die as early as chapter 4. First, make sure you take the rotor arm before swimming with Emma. As soon as Abigail screams, Jacob can either choose to DIVE IN and retrieve the rotor arm, or HELP ABI. Either choice results in his death. When retrieving the rotor arm, PULL twice in a row and he’ll drown. If you choose to HELP ABI and play as Ryan at the bonfire, choose: Shoot Gun, INSISTENT and Shoot Gun again to accidentally kill Jacob.

Emma: After Emma swims out of the lake, she’ll eventually stumble on the treehouse. Players are given two choices: OPEN TRAPDOOR or SEARCH BAG. Players need to open the trapdoor first in order to kill her.

Abigail: Abigail can die in chapter 6. When players discover Kaylee’s corpse in the pool, Abigail will be in charge of comforting Nick in the Pool House before he becomes aggressive. All you need to do is miss the shot when aiming the gun at Nick and his werewolf form will decapitate Abigail.

Travis: Sheriff Travis can die in chapter 7, which is a crucial chapter in killing Laura and Ryan later too. When Laura pretends to be sick, choose to steal his gun and shoot him. This will also ensure Laura and Ryan’s deaths later.

Nick: Nick can die in chapter 8. After transforming into a werewolf, Nick is captured by the Hackett family and thrown into an electrocuted cage. When playing as Ryan, enter the red room. Here, Laura will point her weapon at the caged werewolf not knowing that it’s Nick. Simply don’t choose to STOP LAURA, and she’ll kill Nick with silver bullets.

The Hackett Family: The entire Hackett family can die in chapter 9 (including Laura and Ryan), but you’ll need to take some crucial steps to do so.

  • Constance – When playing as Laura, successfully complete the QTEs when Constance charges at her. This will result in the old woman’s head being blown off.
  • Chris, Bobby and Jedediah – You’ll first need to save Ryan’s life by biting him as Laura (he’ll bleed out whether or not you keep the knife). Later, Laura will transform into a werewolf and attack Travis. Here, werewolf Chris will also kill Jedediah and Bobby Hackett in front of Ryan. When playing as Ryan, shoot Chris to kill him.

Laura: As Ryan, cure Laura to turn her back into a human. However, Travis will then charge at Laura and repeatedly stab her as revenge for shooting him in chapter 7, killing her.

Ryan: Ryan will try to intercept Travis. Simply choose the AGGRESSIVE option, then fail all the QTEs and Travis will shoot Ryan in the face.

Dylan: Dylan can die in chapter 9. When Dylan and Kaitlyn are in the Scrapyard, follow the steps to bring Max’s car down via the crane. When the werewolf shows up, you play as Dylan and need to choose these steps: WARN KAITLYN and SOUND HORN. Finally, fail all the QTEs when the werewolf climbs the crane and Dylan will die.

Max: Max can die in chapter 10. After killing Chris, the werewolf curse is lifted from Max. However, he’s still stuck on the island. To kill him, just choose to SWIM TO SHORE and he’ll meet his death at the hands of another werewolf.

Kaitlyn: At this point, Kaitlyn will be the only survivor. She can die in a few ways in chapter 10. Once inside the lodge, choose PREPARE FOR ATTACK. A werewolf will climb down the chimney and attack her. Choose to WAIT and not shoot it. This will result in the werewolf killing Kaitlyn. However, if you choose to flee, Kaitlyn can also die by choosing to RUN in the kitchen as opposed to hiding in the freezer.

That’s it, you’ve successfully killed off the entire cast of The Quarry! Enjoy the trophy/achievement that’s unlocked for doing so.

The Quarry is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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