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The Quarry Update 1.03 Introduces Online Multiplayer and New Costumes

Supermassive Games has released update 1.03 for its new interactive horror game, The Quarry. The update introduces new 80s-inspired costumes that owners of the Deluxe Edition can claim along with an online multiplayer mode called Wolf Pack that allows players to host an online watch party to decide the fates of its characters.

Update 1.03 for The Quarry is currently available and brings a few welcomed features and additions. Firstly, those who purchased the Deluxe Edition will get access to a few new costumes largely inspired by the 80s. The DLC can also be purchased separately if you don’t own the Deluxe Edition.

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Supermassive Games also detailed a new online multiplayer mode called Wolf Pack that puts a cool spin on the concept. The mode is invite-only and allows the host to invite up to seven friends to watch the game unfold. When it comes to decision-making in the game, all friends in the watch party will be able to vote on choices with the majority vote determining the outcome.

Supermassive Games provided a more detailed breakdown of the new update:

“Wolf Pack is an invite-only mode where a host can invite up to seven friends with access to the game to watch along. While the host plays, their audience votes on each key decision, with the majority vote determining the outcome. With endless replayability already built into The Quarry’s deep narrative experience, Wolf Pack offers a whole new take on the unimaginable choices you face during your journey, enabling you to experience the fright with friends.

Additionally, today’s patch allows you to send the camp counselors’ looks back in time. Owners of the Deluxe Edition now have access to the ‘80s-inspired cosmetic character outfits for the game’s playable characters; the DLC pack is also available for separate purchase.”

The Quarry is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Make sure you read our full review if you’re still unsure about picking up the game.

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