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The R30k Samsung Galaxy Z Flip “Glass” Screen is Actually Plastic and Scratches Fast

Samsung announced its new Galaxy Z Flip device last week and it has grown into quite a popular device. The new GameBoy Advanced SP-styled flip phone is a fully foldable device that features a giant 6.7-inch display when open and can be folded in half to close it. During the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip announcement, the company revealed the new device would use a new “Ultra-Thin Glass” display which sounded like a breakthrough in technology. However, it seems that it is actually plastic and it scratches just as fast as last year’s Galaxy Fold.

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Anyone familiar with JerryRigEverything would know he goes to town when testing the durability of tech and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was no different. In his latest video, the YouTuber unboxed the device and runs through the tests which immediately shows the device’s weaknesses in its display.

The Z Flip starts picking up damage at a level 2 during the scratch resistance test and at level 3 the grooves are much deeper revealing that the display is indeed plastic. The same results have been seen in his previous foldable tests including the Motorola Razr, and 2019 Galaxy Fold.

The tests then get quite bad as he prods the “glass’ display to the point where even his fingernail damages the screen. Glass should not react this way as it should be hard enough to resist a simple fingernail scratch.  Zack Nelson then explains that even if the display has properties of glass, it does not act the way the material should. Samsung should refrain from calling it “glass”.

Nelson does believe that Samsung could be using a hybrid plastic polymer with microscopic bits of glass mixed into it so the company can technically advertise the device as a “glass display”. Digging deeper into the statement, there seems to be no difference between the Galaxy Fold’s display issues and the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

You can watch the full breakdown of the device down below and cringe as Zack scratches and destroys the display without much effort. You can also check out my hands-on time with the device here.

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