The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Has Been Leaked and No One is Surprised

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Has Been Leaked and No One is Surprised

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been out for a couple of months already and it seems that the phone maker plans on releasing a smaller model to add to the lineup. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has been leaked and it will be following in the age of square camera systems.

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According to WinFuture who spotted the leak, the phone will feature a hole-punch display with a triple-camera system on the back. The camera system will be arranged in the style that everyone made fun of Apple for doing in its iPhone 11 lineup. This is a move away from the verticle camera row found in the flagship Galaxy Note 10.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will also come with an S Pen and three different colours namely a striking red, black, and Samsung’s iconic Aurora shimmer coating. In terms of specs, not much is known about the device as of yet. We know the S Pen will be an upgraded version over the past models due to the device featuring BlueTooth 5.1 which allows for precise positioning of the S Pen’s features such as air gestures.

Samsung has yet to announce an official reveal date for the device but we can most likely see it roll out in the new year. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is anything to go by, expect an advanced camera system and powerful intervals in the Note 10 Lite but also a downgrade across the board. The smaller device is meant to be more affordable. How affordable? We are not sure but the Note 10 is one of Samsung’s most expensive flagship phones on the market. Not taking into account the Fold which is in a league of its own when it comes to the price tag.

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