The Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor Features a Crazy 240Hz Curved Display

Samsung revealed a brand new ultra-wide curved gaming monitor at CES 2020 called the Odyssey G9 and it is quite a marvel. The Samsung Odyssey G9 features a 49-inch 1440p 240Hz display which is one of the most impressive on the market but it is not the specs that make this monitor so great. The display also has a new 1000R curvature that is the highest seen on the market and is capable of enveloping your entire field of vision when playing games.

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The screen makes use of Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology which supports HDR as well as some high nits in brightness. It features a 1ms response time with support for both AMD FreeSync 2 as well as NVIDIA G-Sync.

As for the design, its sleek ceramic-looking shell looks like something straight out of a Star Wars and the black hole at the back looks like Iron Man’s arc reactor.

We don’t know if this new Samsung Odyssey G9 will replace the last ultra-wide monitor range including the Samsung CRG90 but if the price is right it just might. Speaking of price, Samsung has not revealed the cost of the monitor but don’t expect it to be a budget device. 49-inch, 1440p, 240Hz, a crazy sleek design. You are looking at a costly purchase here as most new 240Hz monitors will be.

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