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The Samsung TV Steam Link App is Being Discontinued

Steam is ending support for its Samsung TV app the Steam Link. The app was released back in 2017 alongside Samsung’s new QLED lineup and has been around ever since. While newer TVs ditched the app in favour of Samsung’s new Gaming Hub, the app has served as a great way for users to stream Steam games to their TVs without having to plug the PC into it directly.

Steam says that the company isn’t killing Steam Link completely. According to a statement, the Steam Link app will still be available on Apple TV and other devices such as the NVIDIA Shield and Amazon Fire TV. You’ll also be able to download it on select Android TV and Google TV hardware. Users can also still make use of the Steam Link dongle which launched back in 2015

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While some users did enjoy the Steam Link app, it has a somewhat unreliable reputation across the industry. It was also limited in resolution and colour bandwidth making it not ideal for those who want to play their games at the highest quality. Of course, the alternative was the Steam Link dongle which also launched back in 2015. It was then replaced with the app so that dongle is hard to find.

By the look of things, Steam might have discontinued the Steam Link app due to hardware restrictions. That is likely why the app is still available on Apple TV and NVIDIA Shield.

We’re not sure where Steam wants to take streaming in the future. While cloud gaming is great, it isn’t available everywhere so not everyone can make use of the feature. The Steam Link app was the alternative. Thankfully, if have an Apple TV or NVIDIA Shield you can still stream your PC games to your TV.

Source: Valve

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