The Sandton City Gamers Expo – Everything You Need to Know

Sandton City will be hosting the Gamers Expo powered by BT Games in the coming weeks that will see guests participate in esports tournaments, win spot prizes, buy awesome gadgets and games and much more.

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The Sandton City gamers Expo will take place from 21 – 24 November 2019 and play host to the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) and offer prize pools to the cash value of R40,000, gift vouchers and an Xbox console. The expo will host public areas where gamers can come and experience the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo brand including new releases, hardware and accessories.

You will be able to purchase some merchandise, collector’s editions, hardware and much more while you are exploring the world of gaming.

The ACGL will be hosting FIFA 20 tournaments over the course of the weekend that will be divided into eight heats with legs for PS4 and Xbox One players. Users will compete on their platform of choice in a ladder tournament until someone wins the crown. First prize consists of R25,000, the second price is R10,000 and third prize is R5,000 in cash.

The expo will also play host to the Daytona Group that will have a McClaren supercar at the show as well as virtual racing competitions. The fastest lap of the day stands a chance of winning a Sandton City gift voucher.

Sandton City Gamers Expo FIFA 20 Tournament

Check-in opens one hour before the start of matches each heat. Check-in closes 15 minutes before matches start, with walk-ins filling any remaining spots. Please ensure timeous arrival to avoid delays to start times. Latecomers will NOT be allowed to compete once a heat has started. Find out more here

    • Heat 1: Thurs 21 November | Matches from 11h00
    • Heat 2: Thurs 21 November | Matches from 16h00
    • Heat 3: Fri 22 November | Matches from 11h00
    • Heat 4: Fri 22 November | Matches from 16h00
    • Heat 5: Sat 23 November | Matches from 10h00
    • Heat 6: Sat 23 November | Matches from 13h30
    • Heat 7: Sat 23 November | Matches from 17h00
    • Heat 8: Sun 24 November | Matches from 10h00
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