The Starfield Launch Date Rumours Are Messy But Expect it at E3 2021

"Starfield will appear at E3 2021... we hope"

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The Starfield Launch Date Rumours Are Messy But Expect it at E3 2021

Over the past two months, Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG Starfield has been in the spotlight when it comes to its release date, leaks and launch plan rumours. So much so that at least once a week I have read some so-called insider claim that the game is set to launch this year but then some other insider says only in 2022.

So will Starfield launch in 2021? We have no idea and it is highly doubtful that the 2021 launch dates rumours are true either. However, according to yet another source, Starfield will make an appearance at E3 2021 next month.


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According to YouTuber, Skullzi, he claims that there is still a “small chance” of a 2021 release for Starfield. However, the user also claims that there is still a lot of talk centred around a release window in 2022. Possible Q1 2022, around March. He says that Bethesda is apparently polishing up the in-game systems. He also says that Starfield includes more in-game systems than any other Bethesda Games Studio title ever made so this may take more time.

For some reason, the internet and fans of Starfield now completely believe that the game is set to launch by the end of the year. This being thanks to the mass number of reports claiming that the game will release for Holiday 2021. Keep in mind that for now, these are all just rumours.


A previously-leaked concept art of Starfield

At the moment, Bethesda does not have a massive game launch calendar this year besides the expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. Their calendar may include Starfield after all. Whether or not it will fall into 2021 or by March 2022 remains a mystery for now. E3 2021 is just under a month away and Microsoft is confirmed to be attending the digital event. If Starfield is going to be there, Microsoft will showcase the game.

Source: Twitter

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