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The Surge 2 Boss Guide – How to Defeat Brother Eli

The Surge 2 is a great new Souls-like title from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive that we definitely recommend for Soulsborne fans out there. The game is extremely difficult yet still remains fair but that doesn’t mean you won’t get stuck on some bosses. If you are stuck on Brother Eli, then we’ve got you covered with this handy guide and a video showing you how to kill this The Surge 2 boss.

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For those who haven’t gotten past Little Johnny, you should definitely check out our first The Surge 2 boss guide, or if you are still thinking of picking the game up, check out our review.

If Brother Eli is getting you down, then check out an easy way to kill him in our The Surge 2 boss guide video. Below the video, we also have some tips for you to check out.

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The video above showcases how we killed Brother Eli and in the tips below, we go into the finer details of Brother Eli and how you can take him down in The Surge 2’s area of Port Nixon.

  • Brother Eli technically one-shot you depending on the gear you have.
  • He does several chain-attacks, meaning if you get hit by one you will likely get hit by a few subsequent attacks, killing you.
  • In this fight, the most important thing you have to do is bait out his chain attacks.
  • Except for his charge attack, his other chain attacks are pretty slow, so you can run back instead of dodging, saving stamina.
  • For his charge attack, you will want to dodge to the right and not backwards, so you have a timing window to get a few hits in.
  • When you get used to the dance, you will be able to get in 3-4 hits with a quick weapon, or 2 big hits with a slower weapon.
  • Don’t instantly pick up your Scraps when you start the fight, as you can pick them up when you need some healing.
  • Brother Eli has two phases, with the second beginning when you take him down to half health. This is where this boss fight in The Surge 2 gets very difficult unless you follow our tactic.
  • Brother Eli spawns two adds and a turret in phase 2, but you should only take out the turret with one hit.
  • The adds are slower than the boss most of the time, so we found it easier to just ignore them and continue the dance with the boss.
  • If you hit the adds below half-health, or the boss damages them too much, they will enrage, making them super fast and deadly.
  • It is best to just continue baiting Brother Eli and taking him down quickly instead of trying to kill the adds.
  • The adds will respawn once the boss is down.

With these tips and a better understanding of how this The Surge 2 boss fight works, you should be able to take down Brother Eli no matter the level of gear you have on. However, we do recommend that you have at least 3 injection charges available for the fight and some drone charges if at all possible.

In our The Surge 2 Boss Guide video, the fight only takes around two and a half minutes. However, it is important to remember not to rush things with this boss and if you spend over five minutes killing him, that’s okay too!

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Have you faced Brother Eli in The Surge 2? Are you a fan of Souls-like games and are you considering picking up this game by Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our video review if you haven’t already.

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