The Surge 2 Boss Guide how to defeat Little Johnny Deck13 Focus Home Interactive

The Surge 2 Boss Guide: How to Defeat Little Johnny

The Surge 2 is the latest Souls-like title by developer Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive, featuring brutally difficult combat, a limb targetting system and a great Sci-Fi story to follow. The game released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One today (24 September) and if you picked it up, you might be struggling with the insanely difficult boss fights right now.

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The first big roadblock and skill check that players will face is Little Johnny, an annoying character in a massive mech that wrecked my face for hours on end. If you are stuck on this The Surge 2 boss, we’ve got a handy boss guide for Little Johnny, showing you exactly how to defeat him.

Check out the video below where we show you how to kill Little Johnny in The Surge 2.

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The video above showcases how to defeat Little Johnny and we also got some general tips for you below if to help you along. Check out these The Surge 2 boss guide tips below so you can kill this annoying boss with relative ease.

  • Little Johnny has five coolant tanks that you need to destroy in order to take him down.
  • Always try to stay behind the boss and position yourself next to the coolant tank you are targetting.
  • When he releases his electrified spiders, don’t run away. Instead, tank through the small amount of damage and use the time to hit one of the tanks on his legs.
  • Don’t instantly pick up your Scraps when you start the fight, as you can pick them up when you need some healing.
  • Although you can parry his attacks, this is not recommended as parrying is very difficult and requires you to be in front of the boss.
  • Little Johnny sprays acid during Phase 2 when his two coolant tanks on his body are taken out. If you stay behind him, the acid shouldn’t hit you and you can use that time to target one of his legs.
  • Don’t just run to try and get behind him. Instead, dodge a few attacks and use the directional dodge to help you get behind him.
  • Always convert your battery power to health injections. You should have three of them at this time in the game. If not, maybe farm a bit and upgrade first.
  • Use a fast weapon and only try to get three or four attacks in at a time. Pushing too hard for more damage could result in death.

These tips, as well as The Surge 2 boss guide video, should help you defeat Little Johnny in no time. Tomorrow, we will show you how to kill another big roadblock with an easy trick.

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Don’t forget to watch our The Surge 2 review below if you haven’t already, as this is a must-play title from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive.

Are you playing The Surge 2 and are you a fan of these brutally difficult, Souls-like games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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