The Upcoming Netflix Resident Evil Series Synopsis Has Been Leaked
Netflix Resident Evil 8 Capcom
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Netflix is working on a Resident Evil show and it could be arriving sooner than we expect. The official synopsis for the show leaked on a press-only website a few days ago which hints at the show’s setting and plot.

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According to the leak, the story takes place in the fictional town of Clearfield, Maryland, the backyard of Washington D.C, and the Umbrella Corporation and the “decommissioned Greenwood Asylum”. All three areas were involved in the creation of the T-Virus and the show is set 26 years after the virus was discovered by the world.

If these locations are indeed true, it will mark the first time they have used in the Resident Evil series. Deadline reported last year that Netflix was indeed working on a Resident Evil TV series but details have been scarce on whether or not it is a live-action show or an animation. The show is being produced by Constantin Film, the long-running studio behind the movie franchise.

For Netflix to work on a RE series makes sense. The six-film series starring Milla Jovovich grossed more than $1 billion during its run and even though the movies were pretty mediocre (most of them anyway) they make for an exciting and explosive adaption to the series. With the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake headed our way, the Netflix adaption could tie in pretty well to the game’s release. We just don’t know when the series will be arriving.






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