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The Witcher 4 Development Expands as Cyberpunk 2077 Winds Down

Over 250 developers at CD Projekt Red are now working on The Witcher 4 as development of Cyberpunk 2077 and its upcoming expansion, Phantom Liberty, winds down. CEO Adam Kicinski recently spoke during an earnings call about the current state of the studio and its anticipated new projects including the next AAA Witcher game, codenamed “Polaris”, which has expanded its development team considerably as work on Phantom Liberty is close to complete.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, nearly 260 developers are going hands-on with development on The Witcher 4. Most of Phantom Liberty‘s team will be migrated over to work on the next Witcher game. As it stands, the team working on the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion is the company’s largest yet but that will change once developers are shifted over.

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Speaking during the earnings call, Kicinski stated:

“At the end of July, the Phantom Liberty team working on the pre-release phase consisted of 300 people. That’s fewer than at the end of 2022, but it still it remains our biggest team. On the other hand, the Polaris team has grown to almost 260 developers at the end of July. After releasing Phantom Liberty, we will transfer a big part of the team to Polaris.”

CD Projekt Red currently has multiple Witcher projects in development including The Witcher 4 and a full remake of the first Witcher. However, The Witcher Remake will only release after The Witcher 4, meaning the next AAA entry in the series is a top priority at the company.

Last year, CD Projekt Red released free PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which basically remastered the game for current-gen consoles. As of May 2023, The Witcher 3 has also sold over 50 million units worldwide, making it one of the highest-selling video games of all time.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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