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The Witcher 4 Might Launch on Next-Gen Consoles Says Analysts

CD Projekt Red has revealed that it plans to officially enter the production phase of The Witcher 4 this year, leading to some speculation that it’s targeting a release date between 2026-2027. Analysts predict that it might even launch on next-gen consoles which includes the PS6 and the next Xbox.

While CD Projekt Red says it’s only “aiming” to start production this year, this means The Witcher 4 is likely a few years away from release. As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, analysts speculate that we can expect it in 2026 at the earliest and even that might be ambitious considering the studio’s lengthy development schedules. It’s likely that The Witcher 4 will launch on next-gen consoles and skip the current generation.

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Cyberpunk 2077, for example, only entered full development around 2017 or 2018 despite initially being announced back in 2012. When it eventually launched in 2020, it was heavily panned for releasing in an unfinished state with poor performance on last-gen consoles. CD Projekt Red might’ve learned a few lessons from the experience about not rushing a game’s development, especially if it’s a new Witcher game.

The Witcher 4 isn’t the only Witcher-related project currently in development at CD Projekt Red. After the fourth game’s release, the company plans to release a remake of The Witcher, the first game in the series. Several teams are working on both The Witcher 4 and the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel in tandem right now as CDPR looks to expand its working force. Hopefully this leads to smoother development periods that aren’t impacted by crunch or rushed work.

As for what we know about the fourth Witcher game, CD Projekt Red previously stated that it’s aiming to appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise – some of which may be transitioning from the Netflix series too. No release date has been set.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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