The World’s First Interview Inside a Video Game Happened in Watch Dogs Legion

"The interview was filmed live in-game."

The BBC took part in a world’s first in-game television interview inside a video game and what better video game to do it in than Watch Dogs Legion. In a short video released by the BBC Click Twitter Account, it was revealed that Marc Cieslak was scanned into the game using a motion capture rig at Ubisoft Toronto and transported into the Watch Dogs Legion world as he conducted a live interview in a busting post-Brexit Piccadilly Circus.

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The video, which you can watch down below shows off just how Marc got scanned in and placed into the Watch Dogs Legion video game world. Marc was first scanned thoroughly including his face and his clothes and a 3D model was then created which was placed into the game engine. The studio then painted marker dots across his face which were used to pick up facial expression and movement.

Marc was then put into a motion capture rig and placed alongside Watch Dog Legion creative director Clint Hocking. While the entire interview was recorded with the two of them in real life, they were actively moving and speaking in the video game in real-time too. This resulted in a live interview recording inside a video game, for the first time ever.

Watch Dogs Legion was delayed last year from its original March 2020 release date and pushed back to an unannounced 2020 release window. The game is said to be releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year too but Ubisoft has not released any new information about its new date and platforms.

You can watch the process and how it all turned out down below

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