We know that NVMe SSD hardware is expensive so going into next-gen with the Xbox Series X or S and PS5, be prepared to pay a fortune for expandable storage for both consoles. While Sony has yet to share any information on how users will upgrade their storage on the Playstation 5, Microsoft announced a while back that the consoles will make use of external custom PCI SSD cards. These cards now have a price and it is not pretty. Best Buy listed the Seagate 1TB Game Drive for Xbox Series X and S. This is an external custom PCI Express Gen4 x2 NMVe SSD and costs $219.


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The Seagate 1TB Game Drive for Xbox Series X and S slots easily into the console. After plugging it in, it expands the storage for the hardware allowing users to install more games. Anyone with a current console most likely has an external HDD hooked up to it. Either that or you are constantly fighting to free up space for new games. This device helps prevent that. And no, neither Xbox Series X and S or PS5 will support your current external HHD. Both consoles require high-speed NVMe storage solutions.

All this means is that when the time comes and your Xbox Series S and X is out of storage space, you are going to have to spend around R5,500 on this device in order to increase it. This is just a rough local estimate considering the console’s price at $499 which is just over half the price of this drive. Microsoft did announce a while back that multiple hardware brands will develop external storage solutions for the Xbox Series consoles. This means some of them may come in a little cheaper. That has not been confirmed.

A simple Google search will show the price of these expensive devices. Hopefully, Microsoft makes it possible to just buy the NVMe drive and insert into an empty Xbox Series X and S Game Drive casing. This could save you some money. Some gamers may already have these SSDs or may be able to find them cheaper somewhere else. All we know is that the November video game releases alone will fill up your 1TB built-in hard drive.

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