Microsoft shared the first new details on the improved Xbox Series X dashboard and it looks pretty good. Even though the overall design does not sway far off from the current offering on the Xbox One. Most important of all, the new Xbox Series X Dashboard experience promises massive improvements when it comes to speed so this alone should feel like a brand-new UI.

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The new Xbox Series X Dashboard is also available on the Xbox One so whatever see you Microsoft show off in the next few months, will roll out across the Xbox family. Microsoft claims the Xbox Series X will be able to load the dashboard 50% faster than the Xbox One and it uses 40% less memory than the current version. This is thanks to the reduced footprint from all of the apps including the home screen, guide, and Store.

The speed tweaks allow users to switch between games and the Xbox Series X Dashboard up to three times faster than the Xbox One. This is a welcome change considering the sluggish menus and overall slow UI experience currently on the platform.

When it comes to visual changes, the Dashboard will improve on the readable text and change the sharp block menus to a new rounded UI. There are also a few new updated animations found throughout the UI. For example, the guide interface now includes parties and chats in a single tab. Of course, the new Dashboard will include the updated Microsoft Store which the company is currently testing on the Xbox One.

Microsoft plans on rolling out the new changes across the Xbox One family in the coming months. That means it won’t be a massive surprise for those who move to the next-gen console later this year. Chances are, you will have already experienced the updated UI.

Here’s a trailer of a bunch of people talking and very little actual footage of the UI.

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