Don’t expect a side story to the latest The Last of Us Part II or any DLC says Naughty Dog. According to game director Niel Druckmann, the studio has no plans to work on a DLC for the game. Sadly, there will be no extra lore, maps, cinematics or additional chapters added to the game at any point. Unlike the original game which received Left Behind DLC which was a standalone chapter that touched on a missing story arc from Ellie in the main game.

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If you ask me, The Last of Us Part II could do with some DLC in the form of story chapters. Much of the game’s final act is missing major plot points and is rushed. Furthermore, there is a lot of potential in this part of the game to fit some add-on content into the game. Will it ever happen? It seems it won’t.

Druckmann explained that with the original game, its multiplayer mode meant the developers could add new factions and items into the game. With The Last of Us Part II, its single-player only approach means it is a lot of work to create new content for it. Druckmann recently hosted a QA where the director hinted that Naughty Dog may move onto a new IP now that development has wrapped up for the game.

It will be a few years before we see what Naughty Dog will work on next. However, whatever it is, it will surely be something great.

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