God of War rip-off War Gods Zeus of Child

There is an Abysmal God of War Rip-Off on the Xbox Store

If you didn’t think that forking out the triple-AAA price tag for Santa Monica’s God of War then you are in luck – I guess. There is a terrible (and I mean gauge-your-eyes-out horrendous) God of War rip-off available on the Xbox store for the mere price of R69, or £3.39/$4.13.

The rip-off is called War Gods Zeus of Child (even the name is just cringy) and offers players the chance to control Kratos, the series protagonist from its inspiration God of War. Shamefully, the rip-off offers players nothing more than a shallow, minutes-long experience of slashing aimlessly at waves of enemies until you basically get bored.

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The title was developed in Unity and it’s interesting that it even made its way onto the Xbox store in the first place, considering it cannot be thought of as some sort of prototype for a larger project. There is no in-game music or sound effects and you can break the game by simply stepping out of bounds. There is also no walking animation for Kratos while walking backward so the character model simply glides backward.

Though, War Gods Zeus of Child was seemingly released under the Xbox Creators Collection area of the Xbox store, which is where games can be listed and sold without the usual certification and approval process from Microsoft as well as no support for Achievements. Still, reading the name takes more mental capacity and longer to read than the game itself.

Another problem, though, is that the listing appears to be a tried-and-tested Xbox Store title that has gone through the typical approval process through Microsoft. The page has no mention of the Xbox Creators Collection and it even displays an age-rating of PEGI 18, even though there is no mention of the game on PEGI’s website.

The title seems to be developed and published by Dolaka LTD, which seems to be a one-man operation stemming from South London. Dolaka has also seemingly published another title called Dinasaur Falling Survival which appears to be a direct clone of Fall Guys with a Yoshi costume. These types of games are typically easily produced cash grabs that are not meant to stick around for the long haul, but try to bring in as many sales as they can by duping people into buying them to make a quick buck.

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