There is Still a Nintendo Switch Pro Coming

"It is bound to happen"

Nintendo Switch Pro 4K OLED South African Pricing and Release Date
There is Still a Nintendo Switch Pro Coming

Many of you who were hoping to see a 4K Nintendo Switch console were most likely let down when Nintendo showcased the same old Switch but with an OLED panel. Especially after almost a year of leaks and reports claimed that the company was working on a supped-up Switch console. However, it seems that the recently announced Nintendo Switch OLED Model is not the last new console announcement inbound.

Since the announcement of the OLED console earlier this week, insiders have insisted that the new console iteration is not the one that has leaked time and time again. Many reports still claim that this OLED Switch Model is only a slight upgrade to the hardware and there is still a 4K model coming our way.

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Bloomberg is one of the sites that are defending the 4K Switch. In a recent article, they claim that the OLED Model is just a dummy upgrade. They say that Nintendo is ready to announce a more powerful console with improved internals but is waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 to be ready along with the component shortage to die down a bit.

DigitalFoundry also claims that Nintendo is shipping out a new devkit for the Switch with 8GB of RAM. This is compared to the 6GB in the current devkit. They say that Nintendo won’t disclose why the new devkit includes more RAM.

If you put two and two together, you can guess that the new devkit has support for the Switch 4K model. Devkits usually ship out to developers a year or two before hardware is released. This means we might see an announcement for this newly improved Switch console by the end of next year.

While I want to tell you to be sceptical about these reports, don’t be. We have heard way too much about this Switch 4K model for it to be fake. It is now simply a waiting game. Speaking of waiting, we are also still waiting on the local pricing and launch plans for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Once we have them, we will update you.

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