There’s a Cargo Ship Stuck in The Microsoft Flight Simulator Suez Canal Too
"Block your Suez Canal with this mod"
Microsoft Flight Simulator SueZ Canal Cargo Ship
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The cargo ship which managed to lodge its way across the Suez Canal has now made its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The historic event saw a massive ship with an “Evergreen” logo on the side get struck across the man-made canal causing havoc on the maritime trade route. So much so that ships are now sailing around South Africa in order to get to their destination. Thankfully, this morning the ship was dislodged and is now free.

Of course, the internet has had its way with the event spawning thousands of memes and jokes. Now, Microsoft Flight Simulator has a mod where players can see the grounded cargo ship in the Suez Canal as they fly over the land.


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Twitter user Matvelloso shared a video of the cargo ship which was spotted on TikTok. The video is a flyby of the ship which has been accurately placed smack-bang in the middle of the canal. The whole scene is quite a marvel to witness and looks extremely accurate. This just goes to show how crazy Microsoft Flight Simulator is when it comes to the game’s sheer quality.

If you want to add in the ship for yourself you can go ahead and install the mod. All the details can be found here. However, if you are not into mods, developer Asobo has already updated the game with newer satellite imagery that includes the lodged cargo ship in the Suez Canal. The game sources its images from Bing Maps so there’s a good chance it will stay in the game for quite some time. Keep in mind that the Suez Canal cargo ship was freed this morning so when Bing Maps updates again in around 6 days time, you will no longer get to see it. If you want to witness this historic event, you better fly over there soon.






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