There’s a Golden DualShock 4 That You Can Purchase For Just Over R200,000
Golden DualShock
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We all love some shiny collector’s items and if I’m being honest, I’ve thrown my wallet at way too many collectables over the years. If you love to splurge on some gaming bling, then please go hide your wallet right now because this is going to hurt. There’s a Golden DualShock controller, called the Lux DualShock 4 over at online retailer Brikk. This shiny piece of gaming hardware will set you back a whopping $14,000. That is R201,000 at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate.

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There’s both a classic and a deluxe version of this controller, with the classic selling for $8,495 and the deluxe for $14,000. So why in the world is it so expensive? Well, it is a handcrafted, premium version of Sony’s DualShock 4 and it is coated in, wait for it, 24K Yellow Gold.

The buttons on the controller have “genuine conflict free diamonds” on them and I can’t help but look around for Terry Crews to come out and say “your buttons are now diamonds”. Even the case that the controller comes in is premium, to say the least. It is made of aluminium with a custom carbon fibre and foam insert. The lid is “padded by a lush scarlet linen lining designed for maximum opulence at a glance”.

Golden DualShock Case

If that’s still not enough and you want to customize (and possibly pay a lot more) for the Lux DualShock 4, then Brikk has you covered:

Full customization with a variety of bespoke options is available by request. The controller can be plated in platinum, rose gold, black rhodium or rainbow titanium, and the buttons can be made out of titanium, carbon, zinc, or magnesium. Embellishment options include higher grade diamonds or alternative gems including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many other precious stones. For the perspicacious individual, dome shaped thumbsticks including custom stick heights and trigger stops can also be added, with board mods like disabling vibration, faster rapid fire, and multiple custom game specific configurations. Uniquely crafted to exacting specifications, this is the ultimate companion for all discerning gamers.

Yes, the golden DualShock is extremely expensive. I personally don’t know anyone who would buy such a thing. However, I’m sure someone will buy one. It is no doubt one of the most expensive pieces of gaming bling we have ever seen.

What do you think about the Golden DualShock? Do you know anyone who would buy such a thing? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Brikk






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