There’s a Hidden Door in Demon’s Souls Which Was Not on the Original Game

PS5 Demons Souls hidden door Demons Souls
There’s a Hidden Door in Demon’s Souls Which Was Not on the Original Game

Demon’s Souls players have discovered a new hidden door on the PS5 version of the game which was not in the original 2009 PS3 release. Twitter user @VaatiVidya spotted the door which is found in the Tower Knight Archstone. However, this is not your average door. Instead, it is actually hidden behind a wall which disappears when hit.

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Upon opening the door, users are prompted with the expected “it appears to be locked” pop up. As of now, no one has managed to find a way through the door. It is also important to mention that the prompt hints the door could be opened with a mechanism and not a key.

Reddit user Cosmic-Vegabond discovered that by using the Demon’s Souls photo mode, users are able to see what is beyond the door. By the look of things, there’s a balcony on the other side with an item sitting on a dead knight. The knight seems to be laying down on a bench with his hands crossed as if he was laid to rest there.

Demons Souls Hidden Door

Of course, the internet is now losing its mind over the new Demon’s Souls hidden door. Fans are speculating that the item may be linked to a possible DLC. In addition, many users are praying that the door is somehow linked to the 6th Archstone and that users may be able to visit the land in a future expansion. We don’t know what the item is because there’s no way to get it. Hopefully, someone with finds a way through the door soon or BluePoint will share some insight into the whole addition.

Demon’s Souls launches this Thursday in SA alongside the PlayStation 5.

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