The Halo Needler is one of the most iconic guns in video games. If you don’t know what I am talking about, the gun is from the Halo series and boasts spikes of crystalline plasma that explode when attached to your enemies. In some of the Halo games, these sharp crystals even curve and track the target before stabbing them and blowing them apart – ah, good times. Nerf is now bringing the Needler to life and the toy looks pretty amazing.

Hasbro says that the Nerf Halo Needler follows the gun’s original design and features an iconic cosplay style. The toy gun boasts a 10-round fully automatic dart blaster with light-up spikes on the top of the shell. The lights then turn off when you have shot a bullet. This mimics how the gun reacts in Halo as the spike shoots out of the top of the weapon. Of course, it is a Nerf gun so you won’t shoot the spike. Rather, Nerf bullets.

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The Nerf Needler Gun includes a fully mechanical and motorized plunger. Unlike other Nerf guns that shoot bullets by flinging them between two wheels, the Nerf Needler uses a spring-loaded plunger to pull back the mechanism and fire the bullet from deeper within the toy gun. This will not only get rid of those annoying wind-up sounds but bullets will fly further and faster.

Nerf Needler

Hasbro says that the Nerf Needler requires 6 AA batteries to function. The batteries power the mechanism as well as the spike lights at the top of the gun. The toy is expected to retail for $99 and launches sometime in 2022. At the moment Hasbro is still busy working on the refinements to the weapon. They showed off a replica during the Hasbro Pulse Con over the past weekend. However, this replica didn’t have the final design skin on it. When the Nerf Needler does launch, it will include more lights and the iconic purple skin.

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Source: Hasbro

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