There’s Morse Code Hidden in the Borderlands Teaser Trailer That Hints at the Game’s Plot
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Do you know that awesome Borderlands teaser trailer that dropped yesterday? Well, it holds a secret message which is teasing the upcoming game’s plot. During the teaser trailer, if you look at the top left-hand side of the screen, you will see a blue light flashing. This s actually morse code that is spelling out a secret message in the trailer. When translated, the message reads “Count the Sirens”. 

“Count the Sirens” is nothing new in the Borderlands series as a Siren is a special race of beings in the game. Sirens are ladies that have powerful abilities. Lilith from Borderlands is one of these people with the ability to phasewalk. Maya in Borderlands 2 can phaselock enemies and Angel could phaseshift people like teleportation but she is dead now. Sorry about it.

It was revealed by Handsome Jack during a late-game mission that only six Sirens can exist in the Borderlands universe at any given time. Commandant Steele was another Siren but she is also dead which leaves two current Sirens alive and four unaccounted for. Could the teaser trailer actually have these Sirens in it? Well, maybe as the trailer features a lot of characters. Perhaps one of them will be called “Mayhem”?

We will know later today when Gearbox fully unveils the new Borderlands game. The developer plans to announce the new game during their PAX live stream which will take place at 20:00 South African time. You will be able to watch the reveal over on the Gearbox YouTube channel or on the official website.

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