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There’s ‘No Truth’ to New Sly Cooper Rumours Says Jason Schreier

A hot rumour began circulating online that the reason Sucker Punch Productions was taking so long with a Ghost of Tsushima sequel was because the studio was also working on a new Sly Cooper game. Bloomberg reporter and reputable insider Jason Schreier quickly dismissed these claims, saying there’s “no truth to this one.”

The rumour spread on Twitter/X over the weekend from user Pyo, who deduced that Sucker Punch Productions was working on a new Sly Cooper game based off a possible tease (or misquote) from journalist Jeff Grubb. This might’ve explained why Sucker Punch was taking so long with the development of a Ghost of Tsushima sequel. However, Jason Schreier stepped in to shoot down this rumour.

“No truth to this one, sorry to say,” Schreier responded. “Sucker Punch is a one-project studio.” He goes on to mention that AAA video games now take longer to develop – approximately 5-7 years in development time now – and Sucker Punch is simply a smaller studio than most AAA game developers. Therefore, the studio wouldn’t be able to juggle multiple projects as all hands are on deck for Ghost of Tsushima 2 instead.

Old reports about a new Sly Cooper game have seemingly gone nowhere. A report from Xbox Era host Nick Baker in 2021 claimed that a revival of the franchise was in the works, while Baker doubled down on another report in 2022 stating that Concrete Genie studio Pixelopus was actually developing a new Sly Cooper. Pixelopus was closed by Sony in June 2023.

This report could easily be debunked by Sucker Punch itself, which stated in in July 2022 that it had no plans to make new Infamous or Sly Cooper games.

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