Over the past few days, I have spotted Reddit blowing up about a game that is currently sitting at 98% off on the PlayStation Store. The game called “Real Farm” went up for sale on 17 January 2020 and at least once a day a Reddit user posts his shock and horror at just how cheap the game is currently listed at. On the South African PlayStation Store, Real Farm is selling for a measly R7,55. Yes, under R10 for a full PS4 game.

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The original price for the game is actually quite steep as Real Farm sells for R629. Sure, it is a farming game and not for everyone but I don’t think I have ever seen a game discounted so high before on the digital marketplace. The game released back in 2017 and has somewhat positive reviews. Many users online say it makes for an easy Platinum if you want to spend a few days farming wheat.

If you thought Real Farm was a steal then SHINY – A Robotic Adventure is even better. The game is also currently selling at 98% off for R2,55. Under R3 for a game. According to online reviews, it is also a decent playthrough and makes for a quick platinum. But wait, there’s more. A game called “Defunct” is also crazy cheap selling for R3.05 at 98% discount. This game probably has the highest ratings of all three listed on sale.

These sorts of games are often great for trophy hunters who just want to add a dozen new trophies to their accounts so if you are like me and enjoy that sort of thing, you can grab all of these games for less than R15.

Anyway, buy them or don’t buy them. You can’t go wrong with the prices and even if you play them for an hour and get a handful of trophies, what else can you buy for R15 nowadays? Head over to the PlayStation Store to pick them up if you want them.

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