These ‘Ready For PlayStation 5’ Sony TVs Support 4K, 8K and 120FPS

Ready For PlayStation 5 Sony TV ZH8 8K XH90
These ‘Ready For PlayStation 5’ Sony TVs Support 4K, 8K and 120FPS

Sony announced a new range of “Ready for PlayStation 5” TVs that boast special integration for the console. Of course, we don’t get Sony TVs in SA anymore (the worst thing to happen in the TV market), but its nice to see what the company is cooking up for the PS5. Sony already released two models to the public that include this “Ready for PlayStation 5” feature set. The XH90 4K HDR FullArray LED, which retails starting at $999.99, and the ZH8 8K HDR Full-Array LED. This model retails from a crazy $5,999,99.

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Both TVs boast a Bravia Game Mode. This mode allows the PS5 to automatically play games on the TV’s lowest latency setting. In addition, it allows you to wake your PS5 up with the TV or vice-versa. According to Sony, a simple press of the DualSense PS button and both units will power up into game mode.

As for the specs, both TVs boast HDMI 2.1 output allowing users to play supported PS5 games at 120 frames per second. The XH90 has a low latency of 7.2ms which is about half of what Samsung and LG TVs are sitting at. Of course, the Sony ZH8 supports 8K but we don’t know if any games will boast that resolution yet. Still, the idea of it all is rather exciting.


When it comes to the display, the new Sony Ready for PlayStation 5 TVs include a Full-Array LED backlight with X-tended Dynamic Range. While these displays are not as great as OLED, they still offer some fantastic deep blacks and an insane brightness.

Unfortunately, unless Sony decides to enter South Africa again and sell TVs, we won’t get these here. You can, however buy it at PC Link for around R300k. The XH90 $999 model is particularly attractive given its price tag and specs. It would be a great model to accompany your new PS5 console. Sigh….. You can read all the fancy specs on the new range here.

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