This Cancelled Superman Game Looks Impressive
"Set to release on PS3"
Superman Game Factor 5
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Back in 2008, video game studio Factor 5 was working on a Superman game set to release on the PS3. The studio was best known for its work on the PS4 game called Lair where players would soar through the air as dragons and blow stuff up. While the Superman game never saw the light of day, the Lead Developer for the project has openly released gameplay details and videos for the project and what you see doesn’t look half-bad.

Keep in mind that as by today’s standards the game does look a bit rough but if this was to release back in 2008, it would have been quite a phenomenal experience. Over on Twitter, Savlatrix spoke openly about the Superman game project. She also released a target render video as well as a gameplay video.


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According to the Lead Designer, Factor 5 was developing the cancelled Superman game for Brash Entertainment. It was originally in development for a second Bryan Singer Superman movie that never saw the light of day either. However, Factor 5 got quite far in the Superman game development and created a game that was based on the pre-production phase of the movie.

Unfortunately, in 2008 the world’s economy wasn’t doing so well and both Factor 5 and Brash Studios shut down. The game was naturally canned. Savlatrix says that the game was actually playable in its pre-production build. It included a robust combat system that interacted with the world around Superman. You could also crash through buildings and the fight scene shows how the world would change as the combat intensity ramped up.

Savlatrix says that the closure of Factor 5 and Brash studios resulted in a lot of games being cancelled. However, this Superman game is still one that she mourns today.

Take a look at the target render video down below:

Take a look at the gameplay video down below:






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