This Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Looks Like Something Out of an Alien Movie
"Can we buy this, please?"
Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker
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Remember lava lamps? Those mesmerising canisters of floating hot wax that we used to sit around and watch as the blob of goo floated up and down all day long? Imagine that but in a speaker and reacting to your music. Sound pretty cool right? Artist Dakd Jung has created something truly remarkable using ferrofluid and a box. The result; a sci-fi-like black blob that looks alive as it pulses around to the sound of your music. Enter the dancing ferrofluid speaker.

Dakd Jung put a video together showing off how he created this awesome-looking speaker. This included treating the glass with a special material so the ferrofluid did not stick to the sides. He also created a custom box for the design.


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Jung claims that his initial tests of the product, which is the video down below, started off great but the ferrofluid blob broke apart. This is still in development but ideally, the blob should stay in one piece or form back together to deliver a cleaner visual aesthetic. With that being said, the speaker is a big step in the right direction and hopefully something we could all have in our homes soon.

If you don’t know what ferrofluid is, it was originally created by NASA for moving fuel into rocket engines without the need for gravity. Unfortunately, the product did not work out as they expected so now it is used for cool DIY stuff like this. Other uses include lubricants for hard drive, ball bearings and speaker dampers.

Jung still has a way to go before this is read for the mass market. Multiple tests would have to determine if the ferrofluid remains in tact, does not stain the container and all of this in various climates. But we are getting there. I just really want that speaker on my desk now. Please, Dakd Jung, make this great and make it purchasable!

Source: Gizmodo






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