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This Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Remaster is Incredible and Free on PC Right Now

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall has received an ambitious remaster project called Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut, which greatly enhances the 1996 RPG’s visuals and controls. Developed by a handful of modders from the Bethesda community, the game is now free to download on PC.

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut went live a couple of days ago and is entirely free to play right here. The project is not an official Bethesda release, but rather the work of some talented modders who put in the effort to overhaul Daggerfall‘s graphics, controls and various mechanics in order to make it a more “modern” RPG experience. The results are pretty incredible.

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The project’s official description reads:

“Play a reimagined version of the all-time RPG classic from The Elder Scrolls series. Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut brings this amazing experience to modern gamers. It has been made possible thanks to a whole team of passionate creators working under the banner of Daggerfall Unity.

This ambitious project, launched over a decade ago by Gavin ‘Interkarma’ Clayton, is aiming to bring the unique experience of the classic open-world RPG game to a new generation of gamers. Thanks to the efforts of the GamerZakh, a gaming content creator with a love for classics, you can now enjoy a special GOG Cut of the Daggerfall Unity title.

All you have to do is download the game and simply launch it. The GOG Cut of Daggerfall Unity doesn’t require any special actions or updates on your behalf. Thanks to settings and mods that were selected by GamerZakh you can explore the rich world of Daggerfall with enhanced visuals and gameplay.”

The idea for the remaster came about over a decade ago by Gavin ‘Interkarma’ Clayton and it has taken this long for the project to finally launch. However, players can now enjoy The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall without the limitations of older technology and tanky gameplay (for the most part). Check out a demonstration of the modded remaster below.

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