Pokemon Dynasty

This Fan-Made ‘Pokemon Dynasty’ Creation is the Stuff of Dreams

I often see a load of fan-made Pokemon creations online which are often a hit or miss. Hardcore fans create what they would love to see in the series and sometimes these look so authentic one would swear you would bump into them while searching the tall grass outside Pallet Town. I stumbled across this Pokemon Dynasty concept by an_artist_astray this morning on Facebook and it has to be the best I have seen to date.

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What makes it different from other fan-made concepts? Well, for starters the “Pokemon Dynasty” setting sees the concept of all the monsters follow a traditional Chinese art form and set in the region of Panguria. This includes cultural references to dragons, horses and other celebratory Chinese folklore. We saw the past Pokemon Sword and Shield, which was set in the UK follow a similar path with sheep Pokemon and other creatures inspired by industrial locations so this Dynasty theme is perfection.

Pokemon Dynasty

The starter Pokemon are probably the coolest we have seen in a long time and include a water dragon, horse and buffalo. Three distinct animals in Chinese culture. But there’s more. Woofur and Groomutt are the Chinese dogs we have been waiting for, and Calabean and Ginsage are Chinese roots. Many of the designs follow the Chinese animal calendar including Peachum which is a cute Monkey, Ruffous a fairy bat, and Inphantry an adorable elephant. There are even Pangurian forms of Torkoal, Gothita and Shelmet.

It is hard to find fault in any of these creations and they have all been brought to life with the utmost care. Their evolutions look fantastic too showing growth throughout their designs. We just had to share this Pokemon Dynasty fanart. Make sure you follow An_Artist_Astray on Instagram for even more brilliant creations. Head over to the Facebook album to see all of the awesome creations.

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