This Fan-Made PS5 Startup Screen is Perfection

PS5 PlayStation 5 Sony Startup Screen
This Fan-Made PS5 Startup Screen is Perfection

One of the most exciting things about new gaming hardware is the UI experience. I, for one, cannot wait for Sony to show off the PS5 home menu, start-up screen and user experience as it will no doubt be a great step up over the PS4 version. A PlayStation 5 fan and animator named Paulo Manso has jumped the gun and created what he thinks Sony should do for the PS5 start-up screen and we won’t lie, it is pretty epic.

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The start-up screen, which you can watch down below shows off a classic PlayStation logo boot up that is fast and seamless. The creator no doubt took into account the PS5 SSD performance as it takes just a few seconds to load into the “Welcome back to PlayStation” screen. I don’t know how much I love the classic colourful PlayStation logo but the blue waves are mesmerizing and the music is true to the PlayStation UI experience.

The entire experience is perfect and would make any PlayStation fan tear up the first time they load up their brand new PlayStation 5 console as it fills your gaming room with a brilliant blue glow.

The song used for the concept is called Soothing Relaxation and is a three-hour tune available on YouTube.

Whatever Sony decides to do with the PS5 start-up and home menu, it will no doubt follow quite closely to what you see below. The PS4 UI followed in the footsteps of the PS3 XMB and played a huge role in the design of the current console experience. While we don’t know what Sony has planned yet for the UI of the PS5, we cannot wait to see what they create for the next-gen console experience.

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