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This Fully-Functional Water-Cooled PS5 is the Stuff of Dreams

Vietnamese modding channel Modding Cafe has added water cooling to the PS5 in a new series of videos and the results are pretty fantastic. PC players will know that water cooling is a great alternative to air cooling and often delivers lower temperatures during intense gaming sessions and heavy workloads. A water-cooled PS5 not only sounds awesome but Modding Cafe’s version also looks great.

Modding Cafe uploaded a full breakdown of the process they took to turn their standard PS5 console into a modded water-cooled version. The video covers the disassembly of the console, construction of the new-improved case and the implementation of the water-cooling system.


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Anyone who remotely appreciates technology and the workings of gaming devices will drool over this project. Not only did the channel fully dismantle the PS5 and reassemble it with new parts, but the system includes a new custom case with incredible RGB lighting and PlayStation symbols.

Most importantly, the channel showcases how they implemented the water cooling onto the motherboard by using a custom cooling system and shows off the wiring, soldering and placement of all the parts inside the PS5. They really did a tremendous job. Even the finished result looks like it belongs to the PS5 design.

Modding Cafe claims that they will have the modder plans commercially available at some point in the future so those who are brave enough to mod your PS5 and turn it into this, will be able to do so. Of course, you can wave goodbye to your warranty.

Check out the full breakdown of the water-cooled PS5 video down below and enjoy it. It is fantastic.

Source: YouTube

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