This Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Looks Pretty Damn Fantastic

Star Wars Squadrons
This Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Looks Pretty Damn Fantastic

During the EA Play, EA Games revealed gameplay for its upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons. The game was announced last week in an explosive cinematic trailer. The gameplay trailer focuses on both single and multiplayer component of the game. EA no doubt wants to deliver an authentic Star Wars starfighter experience and the trailer does a great job explaining how players will take the role of either of the two playable factions in intense space battles.

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The Star Wars: Squadrons single-player mode will take players on an action-packed adventure created and written specifically for the game. Players will take the role of two factions throughout the game and play through story missions scripted and created by the Star Wars team.

As for the multiplayer, the mode will contain eight ships each with their own unique abilities, weapons and attack approach. The Reaper and U-Wing are support ships, for example. These can heal and replenish your team’s ammo while in the air.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Each ship will be important to winning matches as the game modes contain a mix of different objective-based components. Dogfight Mode is an all-out 5v5 team deathmatch mode. Fleet Battles are multi-stage conflicts as player move across the galaxy completing objective-based missions. Players meet in the social hub and plan a strategy for the mission ahead. You will be able to select your loadout and fly out of your base ship before heading into the mission. The fights then take players into various objective-based phases. From a dogfight to a “defend or attack the Capital Ship” objective. The last objective sees players target and destroy the massive flagship in an all-out war.

EA also touched on the customization in Star Wars: Squadrons including pilot heads, skins and over 50 components that will upgrade your starfighter’s weapons and abilities. The game will have no in-game purchases at all. Everything will be earned in-game.

Star Wars: Squadrons releases on 2 October 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC will full VR support for PS VR and PC VR. Check out the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer from EA Games down below;

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