Bauhutte Gaming Bed

This Ultimate Bauhutte Gaming Bed Will Change the Way You Game Forever

No matter how much we try to play for hours and hours on end, everyone needs sleep and like death and taxes, it always arrives. Imagine being able to play in bed all day? Well, these new Bauhutte gaming beds have been designed to replace both your couch and your bed so you basically never need to get up at all. The overall design of the Bauhutte gaming bed means you can have everything at your disposal within an arm’s reach. Want your drink? It is right there and you don’t even need to strain your back while reaching for it. Don’t drink too much though because it seems this Bauhutte gaming bed does not have a built-in toilet (yet).

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The company “Bauhutte” has specialized in customized furniture for a while now and catered for gaming specifically. They make desks and chairs but the Bauhutte gaming bed seems to be the accumulation of everything the design company has worked on put into one awesome collaboration.

Best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune as it sells for around $300 which is around R6,500 with taxes and fees just for the desk.  It does not come with the bed though as it needs to be purchased separately and only supports a single bed. Yes, a single bed. This is a single gaming nook and no annoying girlfriends and partners who will get in the way of your gaming time are welcome.

The bed desk is also highly customizable and allows you to move the combined units around to suit your preferred positioning. However, the image you see below contains all the additional purchases including the headboard, desk, bed, rolling shelving and keyboard tray. The gaming blanket and custom beanbag pillow will make it even more expensive. If you are looking to fully kit the Bauhutte gaming bed out, get ready to fork out well over $10,000. It is a small price to pay for comfort.

Bauhutte Gaming Bed

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