Thousands of Joy-Cons Were Handed in For Drift Issues a Week at Repair Partner

"They could not keep up"

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Thousands of Joy-Cons Were Handed in For Drift Issues a Week at Repair Partner

Nintendo has come under fire in recent years for its Switch console and how badly the Joy-Cons suffer from stick drift. While Sony has been implementing in-game options that target dead zones in its DualSense device, Nintendo has done barely anything to fight the ongoing stick drift crisis on its hardware. The only thing you can do is get it fixed. The issue is worse than everyone thought with thousands of Joy-Cons being sent in for repair on a weekly basis.

According to a repair centre assigned to fixing these drifting Joy-Cons called United Radio, staff could not keep up with the number of controllers handed in for repairs at times. Workers report a “very stressful” working environment caused by the mass influx of Joy-Cons. At the worst time, the repair centre would often have a rapid staff turnover as workers at the plant would be overwhelmed with the number of controllers handed in.

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The plant also claims that the number of Joy-Cons handed in for repair would reach over a thousand each week. Staff often made mistakes during the repair process due to the sheer pressure put on them by the magnitude of hardware sent in. United Radio was only in charge of repairing Joy-Cons for the easter half of the US. You can only imagine how many more are out there acting up with drift.

The ongoing Joy-Con drift issue has now forced United Radio to implement a separate workstation for controller repairs. This is also due to the fact that Nintendo now promises to fix Joy-Cons that suffer from drift without charging the customer. Even if the Joy-Con is out-of-warranty. Even the latest Joy-Cons released on the market suffer from drift so there’s no real solution in sight.

Workers at United Radio have also complained about the pressure put on them by Nintendo. The company demands that 90% of Joy-Cons must be fixed within four days of receiving them. Between 2017 and 2018, Nintendo was simply replacing these controllers but in recent years, they have now shifted to fixing them instead. A task that is not as easy as it seems.

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Source: Kotaku

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