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Thousands of Outriders Players Lose Entire Inventories After Latest “Fix”

Since its launch on 1 April Outriders has been suffering from major issues. From the massive server problems that plague the game to the bugs, unbalanced gameplay and wiped inventories. The game is a mess and we detailed how broken it is in our review which you can check out here.

Last weekend, Outriders players reported that their inventories were getting lost somehow. Players would log into the game and find items missing and in some rare cases, their entire inventories wiped completely. After releasing an update that was meant to fix that issue over this past weekend, thousands of more players are now facing empty inventories.


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Over on Reddit, it is quite clear that the latest Outriders inventory wipe bug is becoming a big problem for gamers. Players across all platforms are now facing the problem after People Can Fly released the Outriders update 1.05.

The Outriders inventory wipe bug seems to stem from the game’s end-game content called Expeditions. Players report that after completing the activity and logging off (or disconnecting which you often do), they log back into the game to find an empty inventory system.

Almost all players who are suffering from this problem are currently on level 30 with the game completed. This means hundreds of hours of gameplay is now down the drain.

To make it worse, players who have had their inventories wiped can not log into that character at all and just play the game and obtain new loot. Instead, the game crashes when they try and log in forcing them to start with a fresh new build or switch to another character.

People Can Fly claim they are on top of the bug trying to figure out what is going on and see whether or not they are able to restore deleted characters back to their former glory. However, they do warn that if they are able to restore these items, they won’t be the same and have the same stat as when the player obtained them. In addition, not all gear will be able to be restored either. No blue gear only oranges and purples.

Restoration should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event

  • The exact date is TBC but we’re hoping for this to occur in the coming week(s)

  • We will update you when we have confirmation of date and timings

  • We will only be able to restore the most valuable tiers of items lost, e.g. Epics and Legendaries.

    • We will be unlikely to restore an inventory full of blue gear.

  • The restoration should be additive to your inventory. It should not replace your current inventory.

  • Restored items may not be have the exact same stats as the lost items

If you have suffered from the Outriders inventory wipe bug you can stay up to date with the fiasco on Reddit. We do urge players to avoid the game until this is fixed to prevent losing dozens of hours of game time.

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