Three Fallout 76 Nukes Dropped Simultaneously, Crashing The Server
fallout 76 nukes
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Over the weekend, a group of players decided it would be a good thing to launch three Fallout 76 nukes simultaneously in the same vicinity. Because why not.

It is the kind of thing that makes playing a game like Fallout 76 epic. The group first defeated the Scorchbeast Queen, who is currently the toughest enemy in the game. After besting the vermin they decided to launch three nukes at the same time on Fissure Site Prime, home of the Scorchedbeast.

Launching Fallout 76 nukes is no mean feat and for three players to reach the stage where they can launch a nuke is already a notable achievement. They must’ve had codes for four nukes because the first nuke spawns the Scorchbeast Queen with multiple smaller Scorchedbeasts. Launching a nuke seems to trigger something like a public Raid and you’ll need a group of players all in high-level armour and above level 40 to defeat the beast and her minions.

So, these Fallout 76 players had to each first collect the correct launch codes corresponding to the silo they plan to nuke. Just finding a nuclear silo in the Appalachia will take you a good while. From what I understand, the tougher enemies in an area are the guardians of these codes, and by killing them players are rewarded with the codes as loot. You also need a keycard for every nuke. Then you need to find letters pertaining to said nuke that will help you decipher the code. It’s a lengthy process but once you’ve uncovered one your friends can replicate the steps to obtain theirs.

Our team of heroes was also the first to launch a nuke in the game. After that first event, one of the members, Waffle_cop told The Verge their future plan to nuke more sites at the same time.

fallout 76 nukes

Our next goal is to launch a nuke from all silos at the same time, and given that there is still plenty of things left to do I am going to be having lots of fun.

Our group of Fallout 76 players must’ve decided to work together so as to get their hands on three sets of nuke codes. We salute their effort and join in the spectacle of what happened next.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Such a pretty sight and such an achievement to crash the server. I remember when we played Team Fortress 2 how we planned all sorts of mischief to see if we could crash a server. And so we did it one fatal day. It wasn’t as epic as the resulting nuclear episode in Fallout 76, but we did crash the IS server.

Gamers will always find something epic to do in multiplayer games and I love them for it. If you’ve yet to set off a nuclear event, then check out the guide below by another member of the team, Nickaroo93.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

In other Fallout 76 news, over the weekend Bethesda outlined the Fallout 76 update schedule as well as briefly talked about what they have planned for 2019.






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